About Our Founders


Ashish Basrur, Co-Founder, Brahmanaaad

It was during one of my visits to Bhutan that I got mesmerised by the sounds of the gongs and bowls and how it impacted my senses. Once back home, I decided to dive deeper into the mysteries of sound and how it affected us. All my research on this subject only made me a firm believer that led me to become an Internationally certified Sound Therapy coach (under the tutelage of Dr.M.V.Priyank). Additionally, I am also an NLP coach and a crystal healer. I used sound therapy to work on my own mental blockages and it has helped me immensely in my personal life. I wanted others to also benefit from its wonders and thus ‘Brahmanaaad’ was formed. My motto has always been, ‘work for the cause, not for the applause’.

Jyoti Basrur, Co-Founder, Brahmanaaad

My journey of what led me into believing in the power of sound therapy is very different from Ashish. Due to some personal reasons, I was pushed into the abyss of depression and saw no way in sight. I decided to take one last shot at sound therapy. Believe me, my life transformed completely. My physical and mental state and also my relationships improved dramatically. Having witnessed the power of sound therapy personally, I decided to get trained and is now am an Internationally certified coach (under the tutelage of Dr. M.V. Priyank). With being a sound therapist and with a core expertise in meditation and crystal therapy, Is on a mission to improve lives. I strongly believe that ‘Brahmanaaad is not a company, it’s a vision, it’s an awakening’.

The couple together are lovingly known as “The Sound healing Couple“. Together they have touched the life of thousands and wish to touch thousands more.

The founders have made it their mission to work for the cause of improving lives of people with ‘Brahmanaaad’. The sole objective was promoting mindfulness, self-awarenessand calming one’s body and mind through therapeutic sound.

Brahmanaaad’s work over the years has witnessed amazing results in people. From people looking to calm their anxiety to people with emotional traumas, the results have been astounding. Seeing the transformation sound healing therapy has brought about in people makes Ashish and Jyoti all the more driven to change as many lives as possible.

Where can sound therapy be conducted?

Literally anyplace, Yes! as long as the place is quiet, away from highways, parks and noisy places. Only then can the healers do full justice to the therapy and the patron can garner its full benefits. The ideal place would be amidst nature which enhances the productivity of the sessions.

Team Brahmanaaadhas been conducting therapies at all the following places
  • Wellness centers of retreats :- It also serves as a good option for conducting sound healing sessions.
  • Corporate Centres :- Routine employee programmes
  • Schools/ studios/ building club houses
  • Farm houses :- Places away from the crowded city like farmhouses can be a good option for sound healing.
  • Health retreats :- It can promote good health benefits.
  • De-addiction centers :- Where the addicted person can quickly get rid of their addictions.
  • Private Yachts :- Along with the rhythm of sea waves, healing is faster.