Frequently asked questions.

We suggest minimum 3 sessions or depending on the individual’s problems, the number of sessions for sound healing is decided

No, the sound therapy has absolutely no side effects.

No, the sound therapy is not a replacement for any medicines. We do not advise you stop taking your medication. The sound therapy helps to improve the healing power of your body and cures the ailment faster along with other treatment methods.

The sessions will have a better impact on you if taken offline.
Yes, the sound therapy can be taken by any person of any age. However, the frequencies are reduced for pregnant women for the good health of the unborn child and the safety of the mother. This is also done for kids below 5 years.
Yes. It does help to improve autistic symptoms and improve social interaction it also energize the brain and capture the attention of the brain to help it start functioning again.
Yes. It’s safe. As we healers take maximum caution to use the bowls at a lower frequencies.
No. It’s not based on any religious practices. It’s more of spiritual and healing.
Sound healing helps to heal at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Thus, leading to a renewed sense of purpose, wellbeing, calm and happiness.
Yes. It’s absolutely safe. Only if a person has a pacemaker or any metal object direct placement should be avoided.