About Brahmanaaad

About Brahmanaaad

Sound and its vibrations are as ancient as the Big Bang Theory- the time when the universe came into existence. ‘Brahma’ (universe) ‘naaad’ (sound) is a meditative sound concert that clears energy blockages and activates your own state of self-healing on a physical and mental level.By focusing on these sounds, a person gains inner control and appreciation for himself or herself, creating inner contentment in his or her life. With the sole objective of promoting mindfulness and self-awareness, calming people down naturally by stimulating them and imbibing in them mindfulness, gain self-control and manifesting positivity, thereby promoting holistic health and wellness.


To use the transformative power of sound with tonal frequencies to alter the body to achieve vibrational balance and a state of harmony, ultimately relieving people from all problems and helping them live a life of abundance.


To help 100,000 people lead a life of abundance, harmony devoid of stress and mental breakdown.

Undiscovered Wonders Of Sound “NAAD”

Ever wondered why certain types of music make you feel emotional while some others make you feel happy? Or the significance of chants?

Everything in nature has a vibrational frequency including us. These frequencies can evoke certain emotions in us, making us feel and experience things at a much deeper level. Our bodies and minds are extremely sensitive to a wide range of frequencies and sound healing therapy uses this concept of sounds and related vibrations to relax the body, calm the mind, clear the subconscious, and to start the healing process.A particular Sound can help move us from a state of imbalance to a place of balance.

“Since the human body is over seventy percent water and since sound travels five times more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation directly into the body is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation, especially at the cellular level. Direct stimulation of living cellular tissue using sound frequency vibration has shown marked cellular metabolism and therefore a possible mobilization of a cellular healing response” ~ Jeffrey Thompson, Director of the Centre for Neuroacoustic Research at The California Institute for Human Science.

Although sound healing has been prevalent in many cultures for centuries, it has gained more popularity in the recent years. From vocal chanting to Tibetan singing bowls to shamanic drums, our ancestors understood the importance of sound and its healing properties.Today, this therapy is more evolved, and sound baths are conducted using various instruments like singing bowls, gongs, chimes, crystal bowls etc.

Sound healing is very effective as it acts on a cellular level influencing our emotional and physical well-being. Its benefits are numerous, as it:
•  Relieves stress and anxiety
•  Decreases depression
•  Releases emotional trauma
•  Unlocks blocked emotions
•  Induces complete relaxation

The magic of sound healing has to be experienced to fathom its full potential.

Our intrinsic core values on which we build our empire